Robin’s Nest Family Care

Robin’s Nest Family Care was established to fill the need in the Guelph area for a clinic where new mothers and their babies can come for support and education. A healing space where a crying child is understood, siblings are welcomed, and a multidisciplinary team of practitioners work together to achieve the best result quickly and efficiently for each and every unique family.

Robin Young, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and the proud owner of Robin’s Nest Family Care, was inspired to create this space after having her first child in 2010. At the time she felt there were too many places to go for help and none of them were communicating with each other. Each new assessment was spent repeating the same information over and over again wasting precious time and money. As Robin shared her vision for an integrated multidisciplinary practice with other mothers, she knew she was on to something special and very much needed in her community. Soon other practitioners who shared her passion for maternal care and pediatrics signed on. In October of 2015 the doors of Robin’s Nest were opened and Robin’s dream became reality.

Robin's son, Miles, the original inspiration for Robin's Nest Family Care.

Robin’s son, Miles, the original inspiration for Robin’s Nest Family Care.

All practitioners at Robin’s Nest Family Care are constantly researching the best practices for their patients. It takes a village. Welcome to Robin’s Nest Family Care!