Ayurvedic Class Series

Discussion topics:

  • We will explore the root causes of all diseases.
  • The foundation of Ayurvedic principles will be discussed, as we outline the elemental system of this Ancient Science.
  • We will dive into an understanding of the Doshas-Ayurvedic constitutions- and how to begin to identify them
  • Periods are not supposed to be painful- Pre Menstrual Symptoms provide a window into imbalances in one’s mind/body/spirit.
  • Learn what a healthy pain free cycle looks like.
  • We will explore Ayurveda’s understanding of nutrition through the qualities of nature.
  • We will learn all about the six tastes of Ayurveda (sweet, sour, salty pungent, bitter astringent), what foods carry them and how they impact the body.

**Cost Free**

Chloe Chaput CASi

Ayurvedic Medicine

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