Comfort Measure in Labour

Hands-on workshop led by Robin’s Nest Family Care Doulas (Erin, Jessica and Dara) and Naturopathic Doctor (Janine).

Cost $37.00 (taxes and fees extra) *price includes one support person)

Hosted at Robin’s Nest Family Care

How this class can help you learn and practice:

  • Meditation scripts
  • Breathing
  • Physical comfort measures
  • Acupressure points
  • Position & movements

Prepare your body and mind to feel empowered in the labour experience!

Dr. Janine Buisman Wilcox

Naturopathic Doctor

Dara Mussar

Doula & Reiki Practitioner

Jessica Smith

Craniosacral Therapist, Doula

Erin Margetts Helkaa

Doula, Maternal Mental Health Specialist, WeeHands Instructor, Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist

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