Comfort Measure in Labour

This workshop will teach you about:

  • Physical comfort measures such as rebozo techniques and hip pressure
  • Acupressure points which can support baby positioning, cervical dilation, and decrease pain
  • Positions and movement to encourage progression
  • Meditation scripts to release fears, regulate breathing, and relax the body

As a result this workshop will help prepare your body and mind to feel empowered in the labour experience!

This is a hands-on workshop led by Robin’s Nest Family Care Doulas (Erin and Dara) and Naturopathic Doctor (Janine).

**Cost $40.00**

**Each ticket includes up to 1 support person as well as a short follow-up call to answer questions and provide extra resources**

Location: Robin’s Nest Family Care

Lastly, this class is really fun and informative and often sells out so get your tickets early!

I found labour much more manageable this time and the comfort measures were quite effective at reducing pain and helping me cope. My husband and I wanted to let you know that the acupuncture points worked amazingly! During the early contractions as soon as my husband would press on the points the pain would completely disappear and I found the pressure helpful up until transition.


Dr. Janine Buisman Wilcox

Naturopathic Doctor

Dara Mussar

Doula & Reiki Practitioner

Erin Margetts Helkaa

Doula, Maternal Mental Health Specialist, WeeHands Instructor, Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist

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