Evan Callan

Clinical Social Worker and Counsellor, MSW, RSW

Evan is a Clinical Social Worker who felt called to therapeutic and healing work after a number of transformative healing and spiritual experiences, which began over twelve years ago. Along this journey, Evan has become deeply committed to supporting the inner work and healing of others. What distinguishes Evan’s work from others in the field of counselling and psychotherapy is a body-oriented approach. Evan is trained in a sophisticated trauma healing model called Somatic Experiencing (SE). SE takes the therapeutic work from an exclusively “talk therapy” approach, and focuses it in the experience of the body. SE offers a physiological understanding of trauma and stress, as well as other common mental health challenges, such as depression and anxiety. SE focuses its work in the nervous system, supporting it to come into balance which results in a deeper sense of safety, calm, and vitality. SE understands that the nervous system is inherently self-healing. Consider an example from the animal kingdom: It has been observed that a deer, after escaping danger, will literally “shake off” the left-over fight/flight energies that mobilized in its body to keep it alive. This “shaking off” restores its’ nervous system to balance, safety and calm alertness. For us humans, our challenge is that our intelligent brains have the ability to override these natural healing mechanisms. SE takes a physiological approach by focusing its attention in the nervous system to invite the instinctual, and sometimes unconscious, fight, flight, and freeze responses to fully, safely, and slowly complete and resolve.

A typical session with Evan: a relaxed atmosphere with an intention that “this isn’t serious, but it is important” – Evan values humour and playfulness, as well as sincerity. Following an initial check-in, Evan would invite you to explore some gentle grounding and calming exercises using mindfulness. After hearing about what it is that you want to explore in the session, Evan would invite you into the felt sense of your body – what it is that you are sensing, thinking, doing, feeling, or remembering right here, right now, in this moment. We look to the body to see what it may be attempting to tell you, and how you may be able to “get out of the way” to allow for a healing process to unfold. More specifically, Evan might invite you to stay with and describe a sensation or feeling, or to imagine a physical movement or to act out a movement. Evan may invite you to remember something relevant from the past and to slowly and carefully explore how your body responds. A session may also involve using body awareness to support your nervous system into greater regulation, leaving you feeling more calm and stable. It may also involve learning to tolerate greater levels of distress, creating resiliency, allowing you to show up more fully in your life. A session may also more simply involve emotional support while you experience the challenges of life, with gentle support to find your own way forward.

Free 15-minute consultations available to see if you feel that Evan is a good match for you.