Carlotta Trenholm, BA Dipl. ST

Shiatsu Therapist


Shiatsu is powerful tool to access the stories of pain and suffering stored is our tissues.  When touch is mixed with positive intent then something opens to release this …

Carlotta returns to shiatsu after a hiatus away. Being attached to a telephone and computer does not match her outdoor enthursist nature. With a York University Bachelor of Arts degree and a diploma in Shiatsu Therapy from the Shiatsu SChool of Canada Carlotta Curious being, cyclist, nature-loving photographer, coach, shiatsu therapist, community-minded mother

After a week-long Shiatsu 101 course at the Shiatsu School of Canada she quit permanent federal position and enrolled in the 2200-hour Shiatsu Therapy program. Upon graduation Carlotta starting practice Highly curious and intuitive Carlotta is fascinated by what makes people do what they do. She enjoys figuring this out by connection the pieces of information to learn the story, the one the body tells.

With a mother’s touch and patience she Open-minded and hearted, people feel comfortable in her presence as she supports others along their path using shiatsu therapy as her tool.

Carlotta has taking part in many events since graduating from the Shiatsu School of Canada. She sat on the board of directors for the Shiatsu Society of Ontario and has taken place on ultipe evnts including the Whole Life Expo, He Yoga Show and

Carlotta will be continuing her craniosacral studies with Robert Harris and online with Dr. Gabor Mate for Compassionate Inquiry.


My Approach

I am very curious person and like to ask lots of questions which proves useful in a clinical setting aimed the finding the root cause is what it is all about. We are all here to learn so I see what I do as helping people learn how their body has interpreted their experience.

The framework of knowledge I draw on combines shiatsu theory with that of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I blend TuiNa and shiatsu techniques and I am happy to treat people where they are physically, mental and spiritually.

What to expect

  • Comfortable finger, thumb, palm, elbow or shin pressure applied over clothing
  • Treatment begins on the hara or abdomen with diagnosis and treatment happening simultaneously
  • Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience. Regular treatments can alleviate stress and illness while promoting health and well-being

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