Kristina Joyce,

Registered Pelvic Phsyiotherapist

My Approach

My approach to treatment is a lot of talking. We will talk about your health history, what your specific concerns are, how your bowels and bladder are working, and about your sexual health. Together we will discuss and establish goals including what you hope to achieve through physiotherapy.

Although this conversation is comfortable for a Physiotherapist, I want to acknowledge that it may not be for you. We will work through this together at your own speed and comfort level.

Next, we will look at how your body moves through physical assessment. This will include how you walk, how your abdominal muscles are working, and possibility of an internal exam. This may or may not happen in the first assessment or at all if not comfortable for you. Here we are looking for scar tissue, and the muscles’ ability to contract and hold contraction.

What to expect

  • Verbal and physical assessment at the beginning of each session
  • Review your symptoms and progress, then discuss what is working well and what can be improved.
  • If part of your treatment plan, we may use trigger point therapy, or electrical stimulation
  • Review your exercises and adapt exercises or self treatments to evolve with your progress


Kris graduated from Queens University physiotherapy program in 2005.

In 2009, she began teaching yoga. In 2014, her journey with pelvic floor rehabilitation began, initially as part of her own healing post partum, then expanding to client treatment in 2018.

She is a fitness enthusiast and yogi as well as a mother. She has a passion for pelvic floor health for all with an open, empowering, wholistic treatment style personalized to each client

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