Robin Young, OMP

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner focused on pediatrics, pregnancy, and fertility

My Approach

My approach to treatment is to treat every patient as an individual with a completely different set of circumstances than everyone else. When we are born I talk about how we are each given a deck of cards worth of compensations. As a child we bounce back quickly because we have a lot of those cards to compensate with. As we age, we use them up until one day we don’t bounce back nearly as quickly. Your deck of cards has been all used up. My job as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner is to give you back some of those cards so that the next fall or lump and bump won’t be as painful. I believe that the body is fully capable of healing itself powerfully and continuously so my job as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner is to facilitate the body to continue to heal.

What to expect

  • Complete a full history through a thorough interview process
  • An assessment of body asymmetries and tensions while fully clothed and laying in a comfortable position on a treatment table
  • A subtle treatment of hands on manipulation of the tensions and asymmetries that are creating the symptoms and perpetuating the problems underlying those symptoms


I’m Robin Young, the proud founder of Robin’s Nest Family Care. Health and Wellness has been a guiding focus in my life since high school. I suffered from lower back pain during this stage of life that led me to seek physical therapy treatment to allow me to continue my active lifestyle. While receiving treatment, I sought to work at the same clinic to better understand my body and navigate my journey back to health. Working at the physio clinic as a Kinesiologist was when I was first introduced to Osteopathy. Even with my history of working in multidisciplinary practices alongside numerous alternative practitioners, ‘Osteo’ was a whole new world to me. I decided to give treatment a try and my chronic, high school back pain dissipated with one 60-minute session! My amazing results led me to pursue this field of study, further strengthen my healing ability/therapy background, and the rest is history

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