Adult and Child Laser Acupuncture

Nir uses a laser Pen, that can be used with Adults who don’t like Acupuncture needles instead of the needles and with Kids for that same reason.
The Laser Pen can also be used in combination with acupuncture needles a way to Enhance a Needle treatment (Ear or Body).
The uniqueness of laser is its capacity to give a very fast and specific treatment, when compared to Needle Acupuncture the maximum efficacy of an acupuncture needle is achieved between 20-30 minutes at any given Acupuncture point, when using the laser a measured amount of light is irradiated onto and acupuncture body or the ear point and the maximum efficacy is achieved after 15-40 seconds. (children 15 seconds per point).

Laser light also has different Frequencies that can be used, there are different frequencies for different acupuncture Meridians, different Layers in the body – like Organ layer vs Muscle layer, frequencies that affect Emotions, Dental Issues, Anti-focal frequencies which can support the body to heal from Chronic conditions and balance the area of a Scar tissue.
The laser can penetrate to a certain depth, this can help with local conditions such as Tendonitis, Sinus issues and the balancing of Surgical Scars. (its not going to make the scar disappear but its going to balance its affect on the body so it does not block the meridian or does not create systemic issue in the body – (Focus).
There are protocols the help with allergic conditions with Kids and adults.
Receiving the laser treatment is very relaxing and balancing and is well received by kids and adults.
Main Conditions the Laser Pen can be used for:

  • Instead of Acupuncture Needles or to enhance Acupuncture Needle treatment.
  • Kid Conditions – Pediatric Conditions.
  • To help with Allergies
  • To support ADHD / ADD conditions.
  • Any pain on tension in the body.
  • Shoulder or any other Tendonopathy.
  • Balancing of Surgical Scar Tissue.
  • Auricular Acupuncture (Ear) – Pain, Chronic Conditions, Stress.
  • Any Condition that Needle Acupuncture is used for.

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Nir Saar, R.Ac

Registered Acupuncturist