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Ayurveda is a complete healthcare science, focused on restoring and maintaining a balance of the mind, body, and spirit. The tools of Ayurveda are powerful for both preventing disease in those who are healthy, and for curing disease in those who are ill. The practice of Ayurveda involves working with the five senses; taste, touch, sight, hearing and smelling. We work with them by utilizing herbal formulations, diet, colour, aroma, sound, yoga, meditation, sense cleansing therapies and other lifestyle practices to restore harmony and balance.

Common Concerns

  • Women’s health concerns-fertility, menstruation, pre and post natal
  • Digestive issues-IBS, chronic constipation, excess gas belching, burning indigestion
  • Sleep issues-insomnia, excessive sleep, difficulty falling asleep
  • Disease management-diabetes, arthritis, stress, anxiety


  1. Improved digestive health
  2. Improved mental clarity/stability and emotional regulation
  3. Alleviation or Decrease in severity of imbalances


  • Chloe Chaput

    Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Reiki Master, CASi

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    Chloe Chaput is a Reiki Practitioner and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, practicing through the California College of Ayurveda. Fascinated with the wisdom of Ayurvedic nutrition, lifestyle, herbalism and disease pathology, Chloe strives to work with others to foster holistic health. Her treatment sessions involve empowering individuals with the understanding of their own constitution and Ayurvedic principles that they will be able to apply as needed in their futures.

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