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Therapy or counselling is the process of working with a trained professional to develop resiliency, positive coping and stress management skills, or to treat mental health issues such as trauma, anxiety, or depression.

The work can include “talk therapy” where history and challenges are explored, old thought patterns are examined, and feelings or experiences are validated. It can also include skill building and resources through the discussion of Mindfulness or Cognitive Behavioural approaches.

Common Concerns

  • Feelings of anxiety or depression during your pregnancy or postpartum
  • Having a birth experience that was traumatic
  • Not enjoying motherhood/parenting as much as you would like
  • Feelings of burnout/stress that won’t go away and are interfering with your ability to be the parent/spouse you want to be
  • Feelings Disconnection, Overwhelm, Isolation & Fear, and an Inability to move forward


  1. Decrease in feelings of anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, and fear
  2. Developing a “tool kit” of resources for parenting, your relationship, times of stress/unhappiness
  3. Greater enjoyment of motherhood/parenting & increased confidence in your own intuition
  4. Have a birth/postpartum experience that feels empowering and not traumatizing
  5. Positive relational change within the couple or self
  6. Resilience building, Communication enhancement


  • Ashley Mariani

    Clinical Social Worker. Currently on Mat Leave, MSW, RSW

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    Ashley Mariani is a registered clinical social worker providing psychotherapy to couples who are looking to enhance their relationships with one another. Ashley specializes in Perinatal Mental Health, Relationship and Sexual Enhancement, Personal Development and Psycho Education. From preconception to processing changes after birth, Ashley offers a safe space for growth and attachment building.

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