Live and dry blood analysis


Live and dry blood analysis is performed using a drop of blood and looking at it under a darkfield microscope in order to identify any imbalances present in the body. Our blood can help us identify the health of several body systems including our digestive health, immune system status, endocrine system imbalances, and overal organ health. In additional vitamin deficiencies, pathogenic activities, and heavy metal toxicity can be identified.

Common Concerns

  • When unsure of source of symptoms
  • Digestive issues
  • Circulatory issues
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Immune system issues


  1. Being able to visually see what is going on in the body and to identify specific issues
  2. Targeted protocol based on observations
  3. Continuous monitoring of blood to ensure progress is maintained, identifying root cause issues associated with symptoms


  • Diane Drouin-Poulin

    Certified Microscopist - Diane is currently on leave and will be returning soon, MSc

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    Her vision in caring for her clients is one of teamwork. She feels practitioners working as a team alongside clients can attain great results together! She loves to share her findings with her clients and their health team ensuring a holistic approach in their road to wellness.

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