Myofunctional Therapy (Orofacial)


Myofunctional therapy is a practice that focuses on the retraining of the muscles of the face and mouthusing highly effective exercises that focus on restoring proper tongue rest position, improving one’s breathing, sleep, swallowing and orofacial posture. The main goals of myofunctional therapy include but are not limited to:

  • Restoring nasal breathing
  • Improving lip strength + lip seal
  • Proper tongue rest position
  • Correcting swallowing patterns
  • Eliminating poor oral habits (thumb or digit sucking, pacifier/ sippy cup use, clothes/ blanket chewing)

Common Concerns

  • chronic allergies, headaches, migraines, and mouth breathing
  • infants presenting with difficulty latching/breastfeeding, colic, inability to sleep through the night; chronic bedwetters
  • highly sensitive gag reflex or picky eating; heartburn/GERD
  • Speech concerns (articulation errors, improper tongue placement during speech , lisping)
  • tongue thrust/present with undesirable dentitions (ex: severe overbite/ overjet, underbite, high narrow palatal arch)
  • postural issues related to forward head posture as a result of chronic mouth breathing (ex: pelvic floor incompetency)
  • signs of sleep disordered breathing, diagnosed sleep apnea or airway issues (ex: chronically enlarged tonsils & adenoids)


  1. improved breathing and sleeping
  2. improved speech, chewing + swallowing ( or latching/ breastfeeding); improvement of gag reflex + digestive issues
  3. improving jaw + TMJ pain, chronic headaches/migraines, muscle tension in the face, neck and upper body
  4. improved facial symmetry
  5. improved speech intelligibility


  • Jenessa Van Schip

    Myofunctional Therapy Provider, RDH, Myofunctional Therapy Provider

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    Jenessa is a passionate myofunctional therapy provider whose goal is to help her clients improve their oral function as it relates to breathing, chewing, swallowing, speaking, and facial growth and development. Jenessa works with her patients to develop personalized treatment plans that address their specific needs and goals. She believes in the importance of myofunctional therapy on overall health and believes it can have a major impact on people’s lives.

  • Katrina Basso

    Myofunctional Therapy Provider, B.A., RDH, CDA, Reg. CDAAC

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    Katrina is passionate about integrative collaborative healthcare practices that address the underlying cause of her patient’s concerns and symptoms. Katrina’s focus is on early intervention and the outcomes of chronic mouth breathing on the whole body. Her goal is to continue to work to bridge the gap between speech, swallowing and dental health through her practice

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