Osteopathic Manual Therapy


Osteopathy is a whole body approach to manual treatment which takes into account personalize history. Osteopathy is a natural medicine which includes the philosophy that the body has a innate ability to self-regulate and self-heal. Osteopathic practitioners use a gentle hands-on approach in order to optimize these self-regulating mechanisms.

Common Concerns

  • Helps to address postural imbalances that occur throughout the pregnancy,
  • Helps to address the tensions that can occur due to a traumatic birth,
  • Helps to address the development of the nervous system, chronic pain


  1. Addresses the whole body in order to restore proper biomechanics and improve immune function,
  2. Able to treat the tensions in and around the organs to relieve long standing body aches and pains


  • Gloria Leroy

    Osteopathic Manual Practitoner, OMP, Kinesiology

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    A passionate, pragmatic and humane osteopathic manual practitioner who is a passionate about whole-body healing.

  • Robin Young

    Osteopathic Manual Practitioner focused on pediatrics, pregnancy, and fertility, OMP

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    My job is to facilitate what your body already knows how to do, which is heal naturally. We figure out what has gotten in the way of that healing and relieve it so the healing process may continue.

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