Physiotherapy aims to identify the root causes of an injury or condition through understanding the science of movement of the human body. The focus is both on rehabilitating the current issue and also prevention. Physiotherapy treatment will help you recover from injuries, manage or overcome pain, and improve your overall quality of life by improving your mobility. 

Acupuncture aims to improve the recovery of pain and inflammation by stimulating the body’s healing chemicals (AACP, UK). It is an additional skill in physiotherapy using evidence-based clinical research to help the body. Acupuncture is an excellent tool to assist with other physiotherapy skills, including manual therapy, rehabilitation, and taping.

Common Concerns

  • Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation – for example, total knee or hip replacements
  • Sports injuries and Conditioning – knee/hip/shoulder injuries
  • Chronic injuries/conditions – spinal pain (neck/thoracic/lower back pain)
  • Rehabilitation and pain management
  • Referred pain


  1. Learn about their injury and how to manage it
  2. Get pain relief and improve not only short but also long-term
  3. Feel empowered by being able to return to their daily activities and doing the activities they love


  • Monica is a Registered Physiotherapist. She focuses on human movement analysis and biomechanics to understand, treat, and prevent injuries by maximizing the body’s movement efficacy. Monica’s goal is to improve her patient’s quality of life as she has the dedication, motivation, and qualifications to provide excellent service for each of her patients to achieve their goals.

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