The Journey Method 


The Journey Method is a deeply healing and transformational mind-body tool that is done through guided visualization. The Journey works by guiding the client into a deep space within themselves where they can allow for the release of old emotions and traumas that are trapped within the body’s memory.

Once liberated from this old, stuck material the body, mind and spirit are given the chance to access the body’s own incredible capacity for healing. When using the Journey Method with children, play and art are used in combination with guided visualization to create a fun and engaging experience.

Common Concerns

  • You suffer from depression, stress and/or anxiety.
  • You are feeling stuck in the area of relationship, job performance, the grieving process etc. and want to break out of unhelpful patterns.
  • You are tackling a health issue and want to address the emotional component of it as well as the physical.


  1. Gives you the opportunity to turn inwards and have an experience of freedom and ease, leaving you with a piece of emotional resolution in each session no matter what the subject matter is.
  2. Helps break through to the emotional root of chronic or acute health issues.
  3. Can gently and very effectively allow for shifts in difficult emotional patterns.


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